Videoconference Rooms

Our flexible, fully equipped videoconference rooms have everything you need to effectively pull off your most crucial training, presentation and meetings. We quickly personalize your conference space to comfortably fit your unique needs – beyond expectation. We have one of the largest networks of video conference suites globally for affordable long-distance meetings, training and presentations. Treat your attendees to a professional meeting experience to enhance the successful growth of your business. We always maintain large videoconference spaces, so whether you are on the road or at home, we will have a space ready where and when you need it.
  • Full technical support with every connection tested in advance
  • 24/7 worldwide- booking coverage
  • Suites with the latest equipment and videoconferencing software: all have our full meeting room services
  • Tea/coffee
  • Conference phone
  • High speed internet
  • Realtime venue streaming
If you need customized and affordable videoconference room rental package that aligns to your unique business needs, please call us today.

Meeting Rooms

Are you looking for a professional meeting room in an excellent location to rent by the hour, day or month? We have the perfect place to meet investors, potential clients and coworkers. Our meeting rooms come in various shapes and sizes, with a wide range of personalized features to enhance creative collaboration and effective brainstorming. Work with our assistants to get beverages or anything else you need for your meeting. Remember, our rooms are always available on demand: no need to wait if an emergency meeting arises. Besides, our meeting rooms are served by our dedicated support team and are fully equipped with:
  • High-speed internet
  • Coffee/tea
  • Water
  • Telephone with speaker function
  • And much more!
Find out more about our meeting room services in your area by booking online or giving us a call now.
When the time comes to explore your brightest ideas, plan your monthly board meeting or see a new deal, finding a great venue should be straightforward and intuitive as the meetings you host. With various workspaces at GalloMeet and high-tech amenities, you can easily book on-demand conference and meeting facility that can help your team stay productive, comfortable and on-point. So, whatever the purpose of your board meeting, our rooms are designed to let you and your team stay focused without distractions and interruptions. In fact, our boardroom includes the following:
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Free state-of-the-art presentation gear
  • Free water
  • Tea/coffee/tea
  • Conference phone with speaker function
Our boardrooms are available for both emergency and normal use, and can be booked in a matter of minutes. Call us today to reserve!
When you are in need of a professional space for educational seminars, a training center, or instructional meeting, GalloMeet provides a fully equipped team building room that effectively fits your unique needs. With the latest equipment and technology, our training rooms provide everything you need to make your meeting successful. Whether you need a collaborative configuration that provides brainstorming and dialogue or a more conventional classroom setup with an excellent front-facing station, you will have it. Just focus on the training and let our team take care of the training room: from latest visual/audio presentation technology to photocopying or printing handouts! Our amenities include, but not limited:
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Free water
  • Free presentation gear
  • HDMI wifi streaming
  • Mic with speakers
  • Tea/coffee/tea
  • Conference phone with speaker function
  • Video streaming equipment
  • Projector/screen
  • Power strips for laptop use.
For more information about quality, modern training rooms, please booking online or giving us a call now.